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It's an interesting article, and I always enjoy reading Grapplearts stuff, because there are always some good ideas, but here's my take on it:

Classical jujitsu forms have a level of basic spirituality and a certain level of respect for one's adversay, like almost all classical martial arts. Where as submission grappling, in many situations, removes that idea of respect and focuses much more on the fight itself. That's the first major difference.

The biggest difference, in terms of technique, isn't particularly large, but it is important. In many styles of submission grappling there is a predisposition to using brute force, in classical jujitsu there is a great deal of focus on minimizing the brute strength factor by maximizing the little details of every technique.

There are also a few issues that I have with the photos used, in that they are not really action shots and they look painfully prepared. This depends greatly on the style of jujitsu, but this is how I learned to perform these techniques in classical jujitsu:

This is generally a pretty good armlock, but the center of gravity has to be a great deal lower and move the back forward into it. You are still forcing the arm up towards the head, but you supply much more power from the legs.

Choke is generally pretty good, but I would follow from this technique with a backwards roll as they are taught in Aikido. Definitely unpleasant for whoever is recieving the technique and allows for maximum leverage.

The biggest issue is that there really isn't enough torque in the body to really pain the knee. This is a sloppy version of a straight leglock that really just looks like a wrestling pin and could be done a lot better, but if it was you would see the wrestler wincing.

I'll post on the submission grappling in a little bit.

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