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Perhaps... but what if it's like Arlovski vs. Sylvia Trilogy or St-Pierre vs. Hughes Trilogy, or Couture vs Liddell Trilogy? I agree all these winners came back stronger in their second fights, so I hope Quinton will come back more prepared in the third... + it's different organization (no PRIDE anymore where Silva was a king). Besides, Quinton convincingly dominated 2 fighters that beat a crap out of Wanderlei (Hendo and Iceman) lately + 3 fighters beat a crap out of Liddell in his last 4 matches while Wanderlei wasn't able to do that. One more thing, Quinton was able to escape Henderson's clinch which is #1 tool of Silva's against Rampage, so if Quinton has done his "homework" admirably this time as he did before UFC 75, then The Axe-Murderer will be in a big trouble. I think it will be a decision, but I'd love to see (T)KO on Silva... Wanderlei now is as vulnerable as Quinton is, maybe even more. Rampage hasn't been knocked out since 2005, he's improved a lot in 3 years. Silva has been knocked out twice in his last 4 bouts (it could have been 3 if Chuck was a bit luckier)...

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