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Originally Posted by Bazza89 View Post
Right... I'm not even gonna respond to that I'm just turning you red.

And I don't think it's fair to call Serra a "lucky" champ TBH. I'm not a really a fan of his and yeah it was kinda shitty how he got his shot but BJ, Sherk, Brock, Randy etc all got shots they didn't really deserve but still won the belt fair and square, (or should I say fairly squarely?), just like Serra.
I'm not saying he was lucky because he didn't deserve his shot. I'm saying he's lucky because he caught GSP (a far far better fighter) with a punch, and capitalized on it. It's lucky because he got that shot in on a far better fighter to get the belt.

Also, I said that the fact that it's lucky is evident by how badly he was beat by GSP in their second fight.

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