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Originally Posted by Couchwarrior View Post
The last time I blamed the judges for the Burns vs Johnson fiasco, I was told by other members that it was actually Mazzagatti's fault, but after rewatching the fight I still think I'm right:

Mike Goldberg: "Let's see how the judges and the officials are going to score this. Bruce Buffer has the official decision."

Sure, sometimes Goldie doesn't seem to know what' going on around him, but it was quite a long time of confusion in the cage between the stoppage and the official decision, so I've got to agree with Goldie here that it probably was the judges taking their time trying to figure out what the hell just happened, and that Mazz had nothing to do with it.
The Burns vs Johnson fiasco didn't go the full 15 minutes so the judges should have had no say. Mazzagatti should have determined that an "eye poke" caused Johnson's injury and DQ'ed Burns for repeated illegal strikes. Alas, Mazz f*cked up again.

Mazz's timing on stoppages is terrible too. It looked like Houston Alexander was going to kill Jardine before Mazz intervened.
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