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Originally Posted by joppp View Post
No not really. But If you have the time I'd like to discuss my overall grappling game.
Sounds good.

My side control game as of now is VERY arm bar focused (not to want to brag, but I am pretty good with armbar from side control/mount), so I though of adding north/south choke, brabo, arm triangle (they make for pretty good combos) and what else do you think I should try to incorporate in my side control/top game?
Focus on adding the chokes for a while. As soon as you can focus on baiting one into the other (especially the arm triangle, as it works really well with the armbar).

Then look into the monoplata, the banana split and the twister. Those are advanced and will require hours and hours of practice, and the chokes are just as good, so make sure you have the chokes down first.

As for my guard, what would you suggest: continue to wotk on my rubber guard or take a more sweep focused approach? Right now my most commonly used guard submissions is the basic armbar (which actually got many levels to it if combined with crackhead control) and the pyramid triangle/omoplata (overhook and escaped hips and high legs).
The rubber guard is all well and good, but if you're using it because you're having trouble with the regular, double wrist control guard, you need to add a few more elements.

Work on sitting up into the butterfly guard and half guard when your opponent tries to posture up (if you're not sure about attacks from here, I can give you a few). Make sure that you have a game when he tries to get that posture back.

My passing is decent and I think I'm on the right way; it's not many in my age/experience category I cannot pass, and good ol' Marcelo Garcia has some solid passing tips which I will try to learn.
Yeah, there are plenty of good ways to pass, just make sure you have two or three different ways to do it.

My escapes from sidecontrol and mount needs work.
Do lots and lots of shrimp moves. Practicing the hips moves and leg moves are really what matters, and practice moving into your opponent from side control.

I take the back way too seldom, so when I do I sometimes have problems with working the RNC. Is armdrag a good idea, mine at the moment is not very good...
Yes, it's good. Also, when guys turn into you while escaping from your side control, looking for the double, practice turning around them to take the back.

So, any thoughts?

Grappling's about versatility and variety. It's about having a lot of moves that you understand, but mostly it's about having moves that work for you and knowing them deeply.

No one wins with one trick. You can win one tournament with a trick, but even Shinya Aoki uses more than a triangle. Learn a lot of things, and build them into your game.

Have a lot of good attacks, and you'll always have something to go to.

That's my two cents. If anything in here needs to be more specific, or you want some details on the techniques, feel free to ask.

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