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Lol, I'm not really planning on using the Granby till I get good at it. But only way to get good is to practice I guess. For pins I usually go from the front headlock so I'll do Crunches [arm under chin and there under arm then run it], jump to cradle, another one I donít know the name but you have one hand under there chin and the other goes over there arm and through so you grab you own arm. Then you shoulder to the mat and run it and you end up in mount position. From the sides I go mostly for cradles, but I like the chop then get a 2 on 1 and work from there. Also Iím working on my halfís cause I can get it just can never seem to get my shoulder under and turn my opponents. Another one that really confuses me are tilts I just canít seem to ever get them down.
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