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Originally Posted by Rush
What's up with people hating me and mocking my signature by saying I spam? I don't spam, I just post a lot. Spam is when you include swear words and your posts are only a sentence and five words long. Whats up man. I've made a new signature since people had a problem with my old one. Please just stop especially you Samurice and Doublelegtakedown would mocked my signature. This forum is a debate forum on mixed martial arts, not a forum where we mock other people and their sigs. Jeez. As far as with everyone else, its all cool.
ok few things to point out.. I did make fun of your old sig a bit but you made it to easy the new one is much much better, and I do like the avatars you have made good work on them. as for spamming just making lots of posts espicaly ones that really have nothing to do with the site regardless of language or length is also spamming some of the threads you have made were very good. others well they sucked dude.. and feel free to post all you want thats what this is here for, but try and keep posts relevent.

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