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did some muay thai thursday it was a very good class I learned some technique and got some good work done. Started off with "kick sparring" which was like 50% or so throwing leg kicks to the inside and outside and having thai coaches walking around correcting technique then we brought the kicks up to the body then threw teep kicks and push kicks. Then shadow boxing which was good conditioning because coach would call out "sprawl" "punch out" stuff like that so it was good. Then we countered push kicks and jabs for a while then hit the heavy bag room for shin conditioning. We just moved into a new gym so the bags are like rocks I swear they are filled with water or something and we threw 75 hard kicks with both legs to the bag and the room is small and coach knows when you are holding back. It is monday and the bruises just went away lol.

Friday I just went to a jiu jitsu class that was taught by Jamey Toney who is one of Jorge's guys and we drilled a lot of armbars and pillow armbars and then flower sweeps followed by a lot of rolling. I finished a go go off my back! haha the kid has only been training for two weeks so its not impressive but its the first go go i have finished from my guard so I still felt good about it, unfortunately the level on comp in this class just was not very good but just drilling is always good. I finished up my workout with some lifting and combos on the bags but I went light on kicks to let my shins recover a bit.
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