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Warmed up with some grappling hockey. Drilled guard passes, scissor sweeps/bridge and rolls, and a arm bar from knee on belly/an escape, and finally hook and sickles. Then did guard passes. I did pretty well here, me and my partner were watching Saulo yesterday and today we were sweeping eachother easily. Advanced was just open mats, I got to go against a brown belt, we were rolling without submissions and though he was obviously taking it light I was pretty good with staying relaxed and finding my way out of his predicaments. I even caught him off balance a couple times, though when I tried the sweep he found a way around. Rolled a couple people pretty well.

Later I had to sit aside a few rounds because my left quadricep started to spasm and freeze up so I sat aside to stretch and cool down. It feels fine now, it's just from all the lifting it was doing earlier.

There was a big promotion day today and there's now a large amount of blue belts in our class, and my partner finally got his first stripe. This is good because now there's a few blues that I can be competitive with. Hopefully, with some extra effort in no-gi, the conditioning outside of class, and the bjj books/dvds I can strike some fear in these guys.

My lower back hurts a bit from rolling. Probably won't be doing the gym again tomorrow morning....our MMA gym is closed quite a bit for the holidays so I'll get some extra conditioning in.

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