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Last class before a short break for Xmas. Closed the rest of the week, then open monday and tuesday, then closed again for a few days until it reopens on the 5th. Kind of a bummer.

Class today started with pummelling, then a few techniques to take down from pummelling. Also did single leg take downs, and a new choke from side control. I think he called it a Dars/Darce choke or a Bravo choke. It was tricky but I kind of got the hang of it.

Rolling today I was pretty mediocre. Dominated a few positionally, got dominated a few positionally. I got caught in a kimura once and didn't submit anyone, though I almost caught an armbar.

My backs still sore and my elbows have some deep soreness already too, so I guess a little bit of rest won't hurt.
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