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I am sorry to hear that you do not like MMA the way it is now, but the blame you are placing is misdirected!

First and foremost, Zuffa/Dana did not kill PRIDE, PRIDE did that on their own. The company was loosing money hand over fist so Zuffa/Dana did the smart thing and bought the company on the cheap and kept some of their fighters and their entire library (which is of great value).

Next, again, you are blaming Zuffa/Dana for things they have no control over. The rules the UFC follows are not written by the UFC they are written by the state athletic commissions. Head butts, soccer kicks, kicks to a downed opponent ect. are not legal in ANY state. They may still be legal over in Japan (where Steroids are still legal) but if you want a fight sanctioned in the States, you have to follow the rules established here!

So, while I will not argue with you over your opinion of what type of MMA you like (I don’t like the Japanese version, but that is just an opinion), I will happily point out that you are placing blame for the wrong reasons.

The UFC does not set rules for ANY fight in the United States, they follow the unified rules! Educate yourself, it’s a good thing!

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