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Originally Posted by Cheef_Reef View Post
are you kidding me guy.. rampage was pride then he came over and became champion, same with silva, crocop came over and sucked, so did wandy, and a few others. Shogun decided to fight forrest griffin after injuring his leg then consuming half a wedding cake. Nog had a memorable comeback win then fought like an old geezer against mir.. its not dana whites fault most of these pride fighters are just becoming old/washed up. Its also not Dana's fault Fedor's manager wants control of the world before letting him sign. It is however Dana's fault for not going after more of the younger/up and coming Pride fighters there were. For instance, Mark Hunt should have been signed, Aoki, Gomi, etc. but he signed plenty of the stars who just happened to be past their prime. I dont like Dana White but this isnt on him.
there is SOOO much wrong with this post it makes my head spin.

first of all it IS DANA; fault for not signing Gomi/Arona/Hunt/Sergei/Aoki/etc because around the time PRIDE got bought those fighters were still on a contract with PRIDE and could've been bought to the UFC to fight and evantaully becoming champions in these american circuses you call 'Divisions'.

if 'isn't on dana' than why didn't he try to revive PRIDE and still make shows in the states or japan or ANYWHERE... Why let it die??? It makes no sence.

as a second thought i understend y dana didn't want to sign the rest of the pride fighters because the title holders would look like this now: hw: hunt/aleks lhw: arona/lil nog mw: kang / ww: aoki / lw: gomi.
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