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They're open today and tomorrow before closing again for new years. If I could train through the holidays I probably would. Rest is good too though. I caught a cold like 2 days ago and considered not going today, I downed some cough syrup and went anyways, only real difference seemed to be that I couldn't breath through my nose.


A thorough warmup, drilled 3 guard passes from a stand, then some pummelling. Then onto guard passes. I did pretty mediocre but not horrible either. I got to go with a blue belt who I would nearly get around on then he'd find a point with no balance and toss me over.

Advanced was just straight rolling from the knees with a min or two between preople. I don't know how many rounds I did maybe 6-8? I did much better in advanced. In all I got an armbar from mount, an armbar from mount with the triangle set up (which I ****ed up on but still finished), a kimura from side control, and an arm triangle choke. All of these I don't land much so that was nice. I was submitted with an armbar, an americana, a choke where they basically grab your collar and dig their forearm into your throat, and I also had an embarassing tap at the end of a tough roll because I was tired as **** and he was smothering my face. All in all lots of good rolls, I got to go with another 2 blue belts, both were slow paced, calculated rolls. The one had every answer for my moves and got me with that forearm choke...I should have fought it, but meh. The other one is one of the few guys significantly heavier than me, I got in his half guard and stayed trapped the for most of the round. Almost took his back but didn't. Took mount but the round ended.

I found I was in both ends of half guard an abnormal amount today. Alot of the time I had no answer for it, so I'll watch Saulo's session on it again tomorrow.

I got my second stripe today. My instructor noted that he's noticed some jiu jitsu in my wrestling. :lol:
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