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Due to the new semester at school I am eligible for wrestling now. So my workouts have changed hugely since the practices are so brutal. I'm doing lots of squats and front squats and cleans and jerks and pull ups, I do push ups instead of bench, usually 5x5 for most workouts, sets of 50 for push ups (with my toes on a swiss ball.
I am going 189, so I've already basically stopped eating anything except fruit, lots of chewing tobacco, I was just 204.5 with my home scale with is about 2 lbs less then the official so Im around 206ish I need to be 200 lb by saturday where I think I'm going 215 because our kid (monster) who is cutting down is around 230 still.
Anyways, we had 3 hour practice today, did king of the mountain twice, which is 1on1 and the winner stays on, I won 3 matches before I got near side cradled by our 171, really need to work on my ground game. We did a little bit of conditioning some springs, piggy back carries, LOTS of bear crawls. I had forgotten what kind of shape wrestling demands so I was huffing for air about 30 minutes into it. It was great to be back out there, regardless of how sore I am. We had a kid come over from a neighboring school who spent 2 months at Oklahoma this summer with their team, he is 171 and the fastest person I've ever seen on the mat, it was breathtaking when he would do an ankle pick. He said his main school is Harvard if he decides to wrestle in college. Kid is only a junior and won states last year, and it would be an upset if he didnt win them his next two years.

After practice I did;
Pull ups 5x10
Cleans 135x5

Tonight I am going to do some sprints for 14 minutes to help with my cardio and to blast some fat, got a huge ass hill near me that I need to get acquainted with. Hopefully it wont be to tough to get to 189, but right now it seems as though it will be.

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