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Some pumelling practice, some clinch practice, some double leg take down practice. I seem to actually be capable of performing a takedown now.

Had a few rolls and did well. Something seems to have clicked and I can find armbars much easier. I had one roll where I put a triangle on him, he stacked and tipped me over, transition to armbar, he rolled me with him then I put the triangle back on and finished it. Snazzy. Definitely feel like I'm getting better and find myself less and less in positions without at least 2 ideas of what I can do.

Gym's closed again until next monday. I'll evaluate myself tomorrow and then see about hitting the weights tomorrow. I gotta call and make sure they're actually open too though.

My diet slacked over the holidays and I also got fully drunk once, but that's past and I feel healthy, and confident about the improvements I've been making. I haven't done any standup in like a month now and it's starting to itch at me.
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