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So it’s been the same old good stuff really, working hard and learning new stuff. Lately I have been trying to tone my inside leg trip some more and I’m catching people with it more often, if anyone knows any other cool trips besides inside and outside I would love to know. Anyway’s I’ve also been working on some new escapes and that is something I really need to hone because I suck from bottom. We did a move called the “Peterson” and I like it are coach showed us how to set it up by creating motion and some combos for it. All I can say is I feel really good. Things are clicking for me right now there are times when I get depressed when I get demolished and I cant help but get down on my self. And the one lately that has been gnawing at me is when I see are teams all star wrestlers who are so out of my league, get beat I feel like I will never be good enough. I hate thinking their will always be somebody better than me, it is something that has become motivation for me to train harder. I apologize to those who think this sounds corny and a waste of their time but this is just how I feel. I want to be great.
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