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Alrighty, well I think I got to around around 75 pulls ups total before I gave up and did squats and snatches.

225x5x5 front squats

did 95x3x3
135x5x1 basically a form check

we had a meet this morning. First guy i wrestled looked like he had never been on a mat before, got the take down after like 5 seconds of locking up, he went to his back so i got the head lock, planted between his legs, rolled him up into a near side cradle.

second match. the kid was real light on his feet so i tried to time an ankle pick-fail. he sprawled, hard. i was able to get ahold of his thigh, i kept spinning with him until i could walk up him. nothin really happened for the rest of the first, it was 0-0. about 10 seconds in he gets an arm drag to a high crotch on me and takes me down (2-0) and im a pretty damn bad bottom wrestler so i was getting nervous, but he tried to cradle me, and when he tried walkin my head up to my leg i just rolled with it and sat out before he could grab me. (2-1) locked up i got over under and just lifted and dropped him. (3-2), i threw olive branches so he couldn't move and just locked him on the mat and he kept squirming so i jammed my chin into his eye, he promptly stopped moving and i got the pin. dirty as hell, i know.

third match was easy because the schools 189 came in at a whopping 211.

3-0 so far this season, not bad. really need to work on my bottom game and my first step. I dont have a problem locking up with people and gettin down like that, but when i shoot from the outside it usually fails pretty bad. Just an aside, our 171 is 11-0.

if anyone knows some good agility drills and tips and all please let me know.

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