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The peterson is one of my favorite moves haha. Its really solid, sets up a lot of stuff pretty easily. Have you learned a spadle cradle yet? if not, youtube it. I tried using it the other day in practice and it worked like a charm, have yet to match test it though. As far as trips, I dont know any fancier ones, just way to set them up. Like push the guy back like youre going for a double, but catch his arm, do half an arm drag, and get the outside trip. stuff like that can be very handy, what ive learned about using trips is, they work wonders for throwing your opponent out of his game, but if you come to rely upon them to get take downs, you wont. they are to easy to dodge if you know its all the other is bringing to the table. good luck man, keep working hard.

Oh yea i saw you weigh 165 but wrestle 171? you dont have to cut weight do you? i hate you for that...

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