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Originally Posted by Rush
alamojj shut up I'm not listening to you because you post far more bs then me. What are you going to do? Quote me and write a fake quote on this then say ": I'm so funny" and no one gives a crap. At least I have some friends on this forum unlike you self centered drunk piece of dog crap!
Really, when are you going to stop? Stop whining about other people's OPINIONS, they're just that... opinions. You're the one who goes and reports other people left and right like it's some game... and yes, I've seen them. "Oh please do something about so-and-so" "Please kick this person off" Blah blah blah. Grow up!
You report others for their opinions about you and/or insulting you and then you go and do the same thing, insulting others. You've insulted quite a few people I've seen... even me and a MOD, being Don. Now how can you expect the mods to even so much as listen to your complaints when you're doing to others what you're complaining about them doing to you? Really, come on. Have some dignity why don't you? Geez.
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