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Originally Posted by Steeda3
Is that what you call it...I call it dominating.....After all Bonnar was a student of Carlson Gracie....One of the best teachers ever...If he couldn't submit Evans what makes you think Bisping can....You little bitches are just hating on Evans for your own personal reasons....and i know the reason....

Firstly, don't be stupid. Yes, some of these people might be a little bit racist, but that doesn't change the facts.

Carlson Gracie is DEAD. People don't seem to get that. Bonnar was not in condition to fight, emotionally speaking. He's never had Jiu-jitsu down, just the fundamentals of submissions.

Bisping wouldn't submit Evans because the fight wouldn't stay on the ground. Rashad can takedown Bisping, but Bisping would just keep getting up and striking until he KO's or TKO's Rashad.

The real point is that Bisping can finish a fight and Rashad Evans can't. Don't bring race into this.

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