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Originally Posted by Rush
Hello, this forum was great but I am quitting this forum and will decide to come back whenever I want, probably not until September. The reason I've decided to quit this forum is because there are a lot of obnoxious people who have repeatedly and wouldn't stop making fun of me. Dandada187 and alamojj thats who. I tried reporting them but the administrator didn't give a damn. So I'm not making more avatars for anyone or showing up to this site until everyone buckles up and shows more respect to me. It was nice knowing this nicer people on this forum though: brownpimp88, samurice (although we had some arguments), eminem, doublelegtakedown, the don, adminmma, rana, you know who. See you all, take care.
The admin and mods don't 'give a damn' simply because you go right back at the people who supposedly 'hurt your feelings and make fun of you' and do the same thing to them. Scenario: Two kids get into a fight at school and both go running to the teacher... who gets in trouble? - BOTH
You need to practice what you preach kid. Show others respect and apologize for your own actions against others and then maybe you'll get some in return.
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