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Originally Posted by ThaFranchise View Post
Ok, Lemiuex and Gretzky were both excellent goal scorers as well as playmakers though
Gretzky is known primiarily as a passer. He's always had a pass first mentality, regardless of how many goals he's scored. Lemieux was the best pure goal-scorer of the bunch mentioned, but even he was considered a playmaker. Ovy has more goals than assists, everyone else on the list does not.

Originally Posted by ThaFranchise View Post
goal scorers such as Richard, Lafleur, Bossy, and Jagr all have multiple cups.
Firstly, Jagr is a playmaker as well. He's scored 62 goals before, but that was playing on a line with Mario and Francis (one of the best passers ever)...not too bad. He also won two cups as a rookie on Mario's coattails and didn't really come close again afterwards. The team he played on consisted of Lemieux, Francis, Stevens, Coffey, Murphy, and Mullen. He had both play-makers and goal-scorers with him.

Bossy had a play-maker in Trottier with, but Bossy is kind of an exception to the rule. The guy was a freak. .76 GPG will win games regardless of what team you play for.

Lafleur and Richard...c'mon. Did goalies even have face-masks? And playing on a Canadiens team was a lock for Stanley Cup victories.

Originally Posted by ThaFranchise View Post
As for centermen being more defensively responsible, Lemieux and Gretzky were notoriously poor defenders.
So because Lemieux and Gretzky were poor defenders, that means wings are more defensively responsible than centers? This part is just true. Anyone who plays the game can tell you that a center plays more defense than a wing.

Originally Posted by ThaFranchise View Post
and Ovechkin in particular is better defensively than both Crosby and Malkin.
This is just not true. Not really sure how you came up with that, but it's definitely false.

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