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Antonio Silva - I will fight no more forever (In the United States)

“I’m absolutely sure that [Silva] didn’t take boldenone or any other prohibited substance. The hearing with the Commission was a joke, they didn’t listen to the evidence. I continue to completely support Bigfoot and I accept any consequence that will come to me, but we’ll continue our fight until the end. Their hearing (on February 10) is to screw us, but we’re going to civil justice against them. It is the first time that this will be done, we’ll go until the end. We’re right and we’re not afraid of them, they’re wrong. They tried to coerce us (not to fight in Japan) and now they sent a letter to Bigfoot. We’re here, we’re not going to run away. If it’s necessary, Bigfoot fights until the end of his life in Japan, that’s not a problem.”

Alex Davis - Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva’s longtime manager - speaks to about the hearing on February 10 with the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) that will decide the future of his client’s fight career in the United States. Bigfoot and his team have adamantly denied using the banned substance that he tested positive for after his heavyweight title win at Elite XC: “Unfinished Business” back in July. Silva’s appeal was unsuccessful in October and the suspension was upheld. Still claiming innocence and needing to work to earn a living, Silva took a fight at Sengoku 7 in Japan last week in spite of the suspension handed down by the CSAC. Now he faces having his license revoked in the U.S. all together when this hearing goes down on February 10.
It's hard, as fans, we can't really have a clue as to whether he was using or not. The statement that he made kinda makes it sound like he was to me. But I can't pass judgement, I have know clue, can only guess.

Positive for roids and then saying you'll never fight there again is a bit suspicious though. I'd wait for the hearing, they may ban him from fighting stateside anyway. And if they don't, but he says "he's never going to fight in the states again" why are they bothering to even have the hearing?

Fedor fights I want to see..

Fedor vs. Josh Barnett
Fedor vs. Randy Couture
Fedor vs. Tim Sylvia - DEMOLISHED
Fedor vs. Andrei Arlovski - DEMOLISHED

hmmmmm, i wonder how many become reality..

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