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My thoughts on the Coleman vs. Shogun Fight:

I was a Coleman fan when he made his debut in the UFC way back when. I didn't follow Pride real close because I had no means to watch it for years. Then Shogun came to the UFC and I thought he was going to make an impact in the division. I'm glad Forrest won that fight, but expected Shogun to win. Now Coleman is pretty old for a fighter, so I don't expect much of a future contribution from him. Shogun however, might gain some traction and offer some 205ers some good fights. Therefore, even though I've been a Coleman fan since the beginning, I want Shogun to win this fight so he can play a part in making 205 a deep division and us fans get to see good fights.

If Coleman were fighting another old-timer, like Ken Shamrock, I'd be rooting for him for sure. But for now, the fighter with the most likely future in the sport is who I want to win. A Shogun loss would really undermine his past achievements, and I'd hate to see that.
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