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5 to 10 lb medicine ball training can be used in addition to other training methods used to target speed and power for punching.

Try this on for size. Simulate a punch by pressing an open hand against a wall in the motion of the punch being thrown. I recommend using a doorway and, from an orthox or unorthodox position, press your open hand into the wall starting at the beginning of the punch, and hold for 5 seconds, then move back a half step to simulate midpunch range and hold for another five seconds. Next grip your ball in in open hand. Stand back from a brick wall or other hard flat wall-like surface and launch the ball, using technique and proper punching motion, into the wall.

Repeat this motion with the ball 6 times for 3 sets. As you develop power and speed you'll be stepping back further and further from the wall (even using a heavier ball!) to launch the med ball while consistently creating the same, and even more impact!

Lastly, be sure you are maintaining proper punching technique while performing the launches to train yourself to fight thru exhaustion while still maintaining snap, speed, and power in your shots.

Medicine balls can be purchased at Walmart, Kmart or other sporting goods stores for as little as 20 bucks for a 5 to 8 lb. ball.

Happy throwing!!

Embrace the pain...train hard bro...TRAIN!

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