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Muay Thai

Skipping 20 mins. Haven't skipped in awhile, I'm getting better but I should really order a big rope. I can skip 20 mins without gassing now but I'll whack my feet quite a bit still. It'll come.

I'm not sure what the deal was today but Pele paired up everyone to drill on the sheilds and thai pads except for me. He set me on a heavybag for around 30 mins and would occasionally walk over to watch and comment or hold the bag for me. He also taught me a high spinning back kick...pretty sloppy but I'll work on it. Maybe he wanted to evaluate me a bit or maybe I was just out a partner because I beat those sheilds pretty hard. He let me have a couple 1 minute breaks but it was few and far between.. Felt good to hit shit again and I wasn't horribly sloppy after the break either. I can feel my footwork and balance improving and my striking is pretty crisp. Sparring is definitely the next big step for me. My normal partners been out with a horrible stomach virus so I'll have to make due with what I can for now. After the marathon on the heavy bag we did a few hundred ab exercises in a circuit, then some pushups.

MMA class was just ground and pounding a bag for 40 mins. Ow. Run. More pushups. Stretch. Done.

Today definitely felt like I was back in thailand the brazilians and thais have a very similar old school training mentality.

The diets getting clean again. It's easier to keep it clean when I'm fully into training because you pay for every shitty thing you absorb every night.

Muay Thai/MMA again tomorrow.
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