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Sorry I havenít been posting lately I have just been really busy, have had 1 duel and 1 tournament. Also I think I have some torn ligaments in my shoulder which had been no fun.

My match in the tournament was going really well, I entered the third round 7-3. But my conditioning was apparently horrible, I was standing straight up and that let the guy take me down pretty easily making the match 5-7. Then he got me in a half and got some near fall points, which I think then it was 8-7. I donít really remember much after that except knowing I was behind and trying to rush the takedown and the other kid got my back. I was really pissed with myself cause I was dominating him and I know I would have won if I had better conditioning.

Record: 5-2

Yesterday I went to a JV team tournament and are first match was against some school who I had never heard of. The match started off with me snapping his head down catching a front headlock. I flattened him out then ran the underhooked arm getting him on his back and a first round pin. Are team went on to beat there team.

Record: 6-2

Are next team was a higher ranked team who we beat them earlier, and my opponent was a huge guy who was extremely tall and buff. I siked out because I had wrestled guys tall guys before. The match started we tied up I worked his head a bit then he shot and took me down with a low single. I tried standing up next thing I know I was thrown and ended up in a cradle. I was somewhat shocked because I had never been dominated like that before. Are team went on to loose though the word was they had sent there varsity team.

Record: 6-3

So are next matches were for third place and I ended up wrestling a short compact kid. The first round compromised of use feeling each other out and a lot of clinching, at the end of the round I got a single but I didnít beat the timer. Next round was a lot of tying up I knew the kid was to slow to take me down so I played a little bit defensive. I waited for him to take me down but he never did so I took him down.

The last round started with me shooting and taking him down, getting some near fall points from a leg ride and a power half. I donít remember how but somehow we got back to neutral and I shot a double he sprawled got and took my back. I got a stand up and then after that the round was over. I won the match by decision.

Record: 7-3

Lately Iíve been thinking of dropping to 160 but the only kid behind me for 171 on JV is kind of sucks and wouldnít win much for us. And recon6991 I checked out the spadle and it looks like a hilariously painful and effective move. I will be sure to try it tomorrow. My goals are still the same to work on my shots and get my conditioning up I might even go bust out a few miles today.
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