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Originally Posted by IronMan
I spent alot of time in Judo, Japanese Jujitsu, small-circle jujitsu, as well as wrestling. I use Aikido as a spiritual practice and a meditation.

I trained in Ralph Gracie Jiu-Jitsu under Dave Clahan (the school's in Berkeley, CA). It's a good BJJ school and the stuff there is good, but after a few classes I realized that my grappling game wasn't getting better because it wasn't pushing me to do anything I didn't already know about it from watching BJJ fighters and from the guys who I spar with now.

No disrespect to BJJ, I think it's a great style with alot to offer, but the people who say that it's unbeatable and the perfect martial arts style need to get off of it. There is no perfect style, everything can be beaten. Styles are perfect, in theory, but because people aren't perfect the martial arts groups aren't perfect. All styles have their flaws, and BJJ has as many of those flaws as any other style.

My own backround is nothing great, but I speak from an unbiased point of view. The only thing in my game that I pride myself on is not using any style, because of what I was once told by a great martial artist:

"Great martial artists use do (a set style). Great warriors use touhou (me or my)."

This is the entire founding of my career as a student. I always look for what I can learn in a style. I also try to find what is wrong with the style. Everything has a lesson and everything has a flaw, my goal is to find them.
I absolutely believe that BJJ is not perfect... What it is is an excellent group of tools for a single range of combat, especially in the gi. I'm not a fighter in an MMA since, but I am a grappler. If I can learn tools from outside arts that will improve my game under BJJ or sub grappling rules that's great. I'm not to proud to steal from other arts, but that said, what I do is BJJ.

I read your posts, and I see that you have a very different take on the grappling arts than I do. It's good, in my opinion, to have my beliefs challenged. I read into Catch Wrestling, Judo, Folk Wreslting, Greco, Freestyle, and yes even Sumo, Aikido, and Hapkido for that reason (and to see what I can steal). But when I get no more than what I see as vague claims, I have to at least question.

Okay, so thanks for addressing my question, but I still would like to know your qualification for critiquing the Traditional Jujitsu on the Grapple Arts page. You say you studied Japanese Jujitsu... What Ryu? Is it closely related to the Ryu presented on the Grapple Arts page? Hell, some people who study Japanese Jujitsu never do newaza, and only limited grappling. They do more striking like karate... so, it does matter.

Being from BJJ I could easily say that the calf lock shown isn't the way I do it so it's wrong, but it is a different school of thought after all, and who am I to say. I mean the Sambo guy will look at BJJ's leg locks and think them primitive, yet I know I can make my straight foot look work in the context of BJJ. May not catch the Sambo guy, of course.
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