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Yesterday - BJJ

Warmup then mostly working on guard passes. I wasn't really into it so I left after the first class. No good excuse, just being a *****.

Today - Gym

Barbell Complex (60lbs X 6 Sets X 6 Reps X 60 Seconds Rest)
Good Morning
Overhead Squat
Stiff Legged Deadlift
Bent Over Row
Reverse Grip Curl
Military Press

6,6,6,6,5,5 Increased weight but failed to finish 2 of the sets. Same weight next week but we go all the way.

Ab Circuit (2 Sets X 120 Second rest)
Weighted Twisting Crunch 20,20 @ 50lbs
Reverse Crunch 15,15 @ bodyweight + 5lbs
Cable Crunch 20,20 @ 150lbs
Ab Plank 1:05, 1:05

Slight improvements on weights, this day's workout is still a blast and a real good challenge. Love my new gym's weightroom.

MMA tonight.
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