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Originally Posted by ShootBoxer
Uh huh, and dudes like you are the reasons why I train orthodox and unorthodox to keep you from switching strong sides to shoot from. LOL

Good stuff bro. Keeping that up just puts one more "trump" in your hand to play.
Yeah, I have a handful of trump cards that I go to in a fight if I need a takedown really bad. (takedowns are like crack, only free) Here's the short list: (these are pretty much in order)

Jabs, because you have to watch those to if you don't want to get KTFOd

Leg kicks until you stand up straight or start to slip

Stance switching quickly while using leg kicks and shots for both surprise and to give one of my shins a rest without giving you your's

Rushing at you into a judo clinch and use a hip toss or a judo throw from there

Thai clinches which I break to put me in a position to drop right down, pick up your knees and slam you

Flying elbows, their a distraction and they get me in close

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