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Dempsey Roll Training Log

As a bit of background: I had a knee injury a few months ago that kept me out of the gym. Now that it's healed enough for the doctor to give me an ok to start using it indirectly I've decided to start training again. In the past I've made some good gains during this time of year, so as of tomorrow I'll be starting my routine.

Age: 18
Height: 6'0

1.5x BW Bench
1.5x BW Squat
2x BW Deadlift
Sub 5 minute mile

Alternating A and B days, with one rest day between. When my knee gets better, I'll start including squats at the beginning of each B day.

A days:
Deadlifts 1x5 @ 285lbs (85% of max)
Bench 3x5 @ 145lbs
Dips 3xX, where X is to failure.

B days:
Bent rows 3x5 @ 145lbs
OH Press 3x5 @ 180lbs
Pullups 3xX, where X is to failure.

Haven't maxed on anything other than deadlifts in a long time, so we'll just assume that all lifts other than deadlifts are, for now, 80% of max. I'll be increasing the weight in all lifts by ~3% each workout.

Additionally, I'll be training at teh dojo throughout, and probably about a month from now I'll start running again.

As for nutrition - I won't be keeping to any kind of strict diet, and won't be using any supplements. I'll eat less 'bad' processed food, and try to include more protein in my diet. I'll probably also start using ~4 cups worth of chocolate milk as a post-workout drink.

Feel free to share any thoughts or criticisms.

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