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My ankle break didn't happen in the gym or dojang, it happened jumping out of my car onto an uneven garage floor. I ice it and also the ligament I tore at the same time. (both injuries happened at the same time, I mean). Also I write the alphabet with my big toe in the air a few times a day, which both my orthopedic surgeon and a marathon runner told me to do. I find that I have to stop running here and there and stretch my calves out, b/c shin splints are frequently caused by calves not being limber enough.

Anyway today (Thur) I did 1/2 hour mad pad work with jump rope intervals, tkd point sparring which was the usual pushups/situps./jump rope/jump around and whale on people.
Fri: 1 hour sparring drills. I worked but it was weird b/c my dojang was so fkin cold I didn't sweat much.

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