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You may have thought I gave up on this training log, but no. I have just been lazy and haven't been training. But I am ready to get in shape and get a couple more fights in hopefully in February and March. Went to a place called Trilogy for muay thai today. I went for the beginner and advanced class. The beginner class was just more of a cardio workout. Lots of pushups, situps, mits, thai pad work, mountain climbers, fun stuff like that. The second class was all sparring. Some interesting guys there. One guy named Liddell who was like a karate/boxing/judo/taekwondo style guy. I swear he kicked me in the face a few times and I have no idea where it came from. He also hit me with a sick side kick to the body that nearly crippled me. I also sparred with a good boxer who came from a san shou background who hit me with one of the worst body shots I have ever eaten. Dropped me for a good minute. I can still feel it and it was over two hours ago. Besides those brutal body shots I did pretty well. I sparred with some other guys too. I am probably going to go to the sparring sessions they have once or twice a week. I also might add that I am in very poor shape right now lol hopefully i can quickly force my body back into shape. More thai tomorrow at my regular gym, I will also probably talk to my coach about getting my next fight lined up.
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