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Originally Posted by jdun11
if chuck beat a 22 yr old tyson in his prime 19 out of 2o that would make him god because god himself would lose at least 5 out of 20 to tyson in his prime...wake up man just cuz u dont remember how good tyson was back in the day go download all his fights and compare them to chucks...chucks the man but a 22 yr old tyson is super human...imagine with those lil 4 ounce gloves ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea I recall seeing a young tyson fight it was scary. He'd one punch guys with more experience who were bigger then him and drop them like they were putting on gloves for the first time and were made of glass.. in those little 4 ounce gloves he'd be breaking peoples jaws and skulls with one shot. It was not until Don King Got ahold of Tyson that he turned to crap. Chuck has too much pride and confidence in his stand up game as others have stated and as he has basicly stated he likes to throw punches. And sadly all tyson would need is one to lay someone out with 4 ounce gloves.. but if chuck were to get what others who fought tyson have gotten he'd retire off the one fight since it would be more money then his whole MMA carear has gotten him so far. and I like chuck but even in his absoulte prime he could not trade punches with tyson and hope to win. chucks only chance would be to rely on his other considerable skills and get tyson off his feet.

And how many fights did tyson win inthe first round with knock out?

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