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if chuck beat a 22 yr old tyson in his prime 19 out of 2o that would make him god because god himself would lose at least 5 out of 20 to tyson in his prime...wake up man just cuz u dont remember how good tyson was back in the day go download all his fights and compare them to chucks...chucks the man but a 22 yr old tyson is super human...imagine with those lil 4 ounce gloves ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is something called youtube...i have seen just about all of his fights Chuck would take him down as soon as he got a hold of him and either pound his face in or choke him out until that freak passed out.But if chuck got hit obviously he would be out but i doubt that would happen.

Your a boxing fan that doesn't know to much about MMA
But i seriously dont see him beating chuck

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