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During the whole season of TUF3 Matt Hammill was pissing me off, I mean all he kept saying was "none of these fighters are in my league" "he's not in my league," frankly it was making me angry. Really all he is is a great wrestler who wants to make a career out of mma. His strikes were terrible when he went up against Mike Nickels. He had many chances that he could of knocked nickels' head off but didn't capitalize. I agree his strikes were better at the TUF3 finale but he still has much work to do. He has intense takedowns, but what happens when they hit the ground, he overpowers and trys striking when he's in a guard? wow. not impressive. strength and wrestling is all he has. o ya and on the ground he either trys to "strike" or he just holds his opponent in place. And if their ever was a Bisbing vs. Hammill match, Michael Bisping would wrech Matt Hammill.
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