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Frank does love his own noise, i have never really warmed to him but i never let that affect my judgement of his skills.

He talks some sense, he should not be scared of Brock even though until he won in their fight he was getting raped, because whatever happens he has his ground game as long as he doesnt get clean KO'ed by those XXXXL lunch box fists, he can hang with him on the feet, all Lesnar can do is take him down and sit on him. Frank is dangerous off his back so its an even fight in my book. Its either Brock by TKO or Mir by submission i see no other outcomes possible, neither have the tank to go the distance.

Brock has holes in his game, and the time to fight him is now, because if this freak gets 15 fights under his belt he could be unstoppable.

Chute Boxe Cabra!
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