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Originally Posted by Steeda3
Dude stop with this crap already....Chuck throws two punches and he's completely tired...So how in the hell do you think he's going to be able to stay there and trade with Tyson?....Mike doesn't even have to land a solid blow...a glancing one would be sufficent enough to put Pot bellied Chuck too sleep.....

I find it very disrepectful for you kids to talk down on a prime Mike...Most of the guys here commenting about Mike wasn't even born back in the day when he was knocking guys out before they hit the canvas......Now this crap about Chuck taking him down and beating him on the ground....YEAH RIGHT....

When has Chuck ever submitted or ground and pounded anyone. An old and much Weaker Randy Couture COMPLETELY man handled him in there first fight....

He was beating him on his feet and took him down to the ground and beat the shit out of him....So what makes you think a much strong and faster Mike wouldn't be able to land that one blow need to put Chuck not only down but out before he hit the ground.

Listen to Chuck crying like a little bitch at the end of this fight from the blows Rampage was putting on his ass....Rashad would do the same thing to him...LOL...
All I have to say is name one boxer that has dominated MMA. Just name one. They don't. The closest is maurice smith and he was a kickboxer. He used feet. Chuck would kick tyson in the head. ANd name one fight where chuck got tired. When he knocked out tito he threw like 15 bombs in like 6 seconds.
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