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Originally Posted by norway1 View Post
did u just use the race card just cuz he doesnt like rap ?

persinally i think he has a point. im a metal fan myself but i do listen to it even tho i like it or not and its ALOT of lame texts and a HUGE amount of sampling. so that means if u got the nicest and best soundprograms and equipment and some sort of ability to hear when something sounds nice then u dont need ant TALENT at all.
The race card? Uhh...I'm white/asian good sir. I live in Ohio, its full of hillbillies. All I said was his argument is the same played out argument that hillbillies use.

I'm a metal fan also, always have been, always will be. And if you read my post, I said that YES most rappers today are pure shit, like he is implying. I was only trying to clarify that not ALL rappers are shit, there's a ton of guys out there who write songs a thousand times more deep and poetic than the shit that gets played nowadays. I guess lead singers who don't play instruments to metal bands have no talent either?

What is it with people twisting my words and not comprehending my posts lately? It's really getting on my nerves, I made it pretty clear that I wasn't talking about mainstream rap.....

anyway...currently listening...i'm currently listening to this:
Visionz (aka Apocolypse Now)
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