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Originally Posted by illmatic View Post
Has any big names come out of that gym I may have heard of?

I can't beleive how quickly you're jumping into fighting, props for that. Makes me feel like a ***** for taking so long.
We've got Mojo Horne who just beat Josh Haynes. Not really a big name but a good up and comer.

Josh Souder who had a fight in the IFL.

Keilan Daniels is a solid pro who's only pro losses are to Chad Reiner and Brock Larson.

There are quite a few ammys and pros with one or two pro fights like Neal Craft who had a 14-1 ammy record so we should definately have some guys coming up. No really big names yet but lots of solid guys.

Our bjj coach is Jim Kelly who is a black belt under Rickson Gracie(he lived with him for four years) so thats pretty cool. The gym is half owned by Bas Rutten so he has popped in a few times.

As far as jumping into fighting quickly I did wrestle for three years in HS and the whole time geared my style for mma and all those three years I taught myself as much as i could bjj and muay thai wise and got some instruction from some local ammy fighters I am friends with and I trained at Gurgel's for a couple weeks my senior year in high school so I had a little bit of experience coming in. Just wait until you and your coaches feel comfortable with you stepping in the cage to compete and its better to wait than to jump in when your not ready.
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