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Today was rough. I got to the gym at about quarter till five and left at a little after nine. I started off with some sprints, power jumps with a medicine ball, lunges with a medicine ball, and sideways lunges with the ball. Then I ran around the whole mat for about ten minutes sprinting the long sides and jogging the short sides. Just easing my way back into fighting shape.

Then I had bjj. There were only three of us and the instructor(Erin Miller today) and we drilled the spinning armbar we worked yesterday as well as a lot of other things from knee on belly mostly focusing on just controlling someone from there and using the position to setup submissions. I really like the darce from there if your opponent leans into you. We did some situational rolling and then me and one of the other guys rolled for about 20 minutes or so after class.

I took a thirty minute nap on the mat and then it was muay thai time. We started off with 20 laps around the mat. Then it was about 15 minutes of shadow boxing and the instructor(Mojo Horne) walked around and just threw out some pointers and yelled "sprawl", stuff like that. Then we got out the thai pads and went through a bunch of combinations and we did that for almost half an hour I would say and then threw 40 kicks with each leg in sets of 2. Thats a lot harder than it sounds. We finished up with 30 kimura situps on each side, and then thirty regular situps, and then 30 leg throwdowns. Really good class for conditioning which is what I am focusing on right now and good for technique as well as Mojo is a really good muay thai fighter and patient and good at pointing at technical flaws. My shins are really jacked up right now, worse than they been so I may be taking a day or two off of kicking anything.

Here are a couple vids of Mojo's fights:

He is fighting soon against Fernando Rivera very soon at MMA big show and then he is supposed to fight Cale Yarborough in March.
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