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BSN True Mass is a slow burning protein due to the blend, it's good as a meal replacement, but just make sure that at least 60-70% of your calorie/protein intake comes from solid foods. If you want a good post workout protein, stick with a pure whey isolate as it is absorbed quicker and will help with a quicker recovery. BSN's Syntha-6 is one of the best on the market. If you want to stick to one single protein for gaining mass and if BSN is too expensive, try out Cytogainer, it's a bit more economical and works wonders.

Creatine is also good to add for after workouts but is optional.

The NO boosters aren't too bad, but don't believe all the hype. What little energy they give you can be replaced by eating some fruit and/or drinking some orange juice "before" your workout for the insulin spike.
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