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Originally Posted by asskicker
Im not even looking forward to this fight. Its gonna be one sided again and Im starting to get sick of rematches all the time. I do wanna see a BJ/Hughes rematch though. I think Hughes should have to beat at least one person before geting another title shot.

Your right the UFC does do a lot of rematches but they also have a lot of title fights. I don't mind the rematches if they are for the title. The one thing that bothers me about Pride is all the non-title fights like the up coming one with Gomi. Arona should have been the champ when he beat the axe murder but pride doesn't seem to like their belt holders to lose the belt. I am not a nuthugger on any promotion I just like to see contenders get the belt when they win and if that means rematches I am ok with that.
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