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Originally Posted by Wise View Post
Wise brings rhymes so easy,
Listening to yalls whack shit makes me queezy

Yall some stuck up nigs who cant hang with this,
My rap is so hot even haters cant dis,
Smoke some chronic and my mind be in perpetual bliss.

I be from Chocolate City where the gogo plays loudly,
I ******* spit in the face of all you fools who doubt me.

I like this game.

When the ladies hear your sound, they all wear a frown, Go sit down, your pathetic rhymes make you look like a clown, as long as im around ill always wear the crown.

Last night I was with your mom, she let me take off her gown. Shes a kinky bitch shes loves it best when im bound in hand-cuffs, jesus ******* christ does she like it rough, she loves my meat i made her touch her feet.

When I hear you rhyme its so ******* awful it should be a crime, you should listen to me im sublime, now ill sit back and drink my corona and lime as I watch you burn and fry trying to rebut my ryhme.

The drunk ryhme off has been set, biotch!

If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so. ~ Thomas Jefferson

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