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Today was ok felt a weird cramp or charlie horse in my leg after some sets with squats so I benched.

Squat ATG
warm up was like 135 or something for 10
275x1,1,1 -cramp hit right there

Bench, due to my back, I didn't arch at all, so it was actually pretty tough, didnt hit it to hard

1x290 - really really really really struggled to get that, probably arched a bit on it too.

So I realized how much chest strength I've lost since I didn't go heavy often during wrestling. So now my priorities are tree trunk legs, and a barrel chest.

Monday-20 rep squats
Might find a chest program to start on soon too, if anyone has suggestions please let me know. Also I changed my first post to show my supplements (nothing special) so if you wanna know just check it out.
hope everyone is well

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