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Originally Posted by Mr. Bungle

Seriously what will it take to humble you dumb ass Hughes worshipers? As for your "Canadian buttbuddy" comment....that's really amusing since most of you Hughes fans were so blinded by lust that you were creaming you Sprawl jammies about how he was going to destroy GSP even though it was obvious that GSP was the superior fighter and there was no way Hughes had a chance.

Bottom line is that Hughes' career was padded with fights against a lot of green/lesser opponents or fighters who were way past their was done because he's a dumb fcuking hillbilly American and that appeals to the UFC's largest demographic or fans which happens to be dumb fcuking hillbilly Americans. Judging by your blind worship of the guy it's obviously worked.

GSP vs Hughes 3 = GSP 1st Round Knock Out
Listen guys, GSP is the better fighter in my opinion. Does that mean he wins in April? I don't know the better fighter loses all the time. I like hughes and I'll root for him in the rubber match but I really am OK with GSP being the champion. He is a great guy from what i can tell. And I think will be one of the best fighters MMA will ever see. I think GSP will win in April but I hope not. But all the nonsense about Hughes not deserving a shot is asanine. Hughes has fought the best the UFC could give him and he beat them all. So saying he padded his stats against greener/lesser opponets is stupid. They were only greener/lesser to Matt Hughes cause he was the best. They were not green or lesser to any of the other top middleweights during that time. I understand your trying to defend your country or your fighter from someone but come on don't say crap that has no merit. Canadian,Hillbilly I don't care. I just like great fighters and both are great fighters.
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