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Originally Posted by TYKIDD
Listen guys, GSP is the better fighter in my opinion. Does that mean he wins in April? I don't know the better fighter loses all the time. I like hughes and I'll root for him in the rubber match but I really am OK with GSP being the champion. He is a great guy from what i can tell. And I think will be one of the best fighters MMA will ever see. I think GSP will win in April but I hope not. But all the nonsense about Hughes not deserving a shot is asanine. Hughes has fought the best the UFC could give him and he beat them all. So saying he padded his stats against greener/lesser opponets is stupid. They were only greener/lesser to Matt Hughes cause he was the best. They were not green or lesser to any of the other top middleweights during that time. I understand your trying to defend your country or your fighter from someone but come on don't say crap that has no merit. Canadian,Hillbilly I don't care. I just like great fighters and both are great fighters.
I hate it when some jerk brings maturity and reason into our "debates"
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