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Yah dude I’m so pumped even though it will be terrible its like the DBZ Hyperbolic time chamber of real life. Any ways had a varsity tournament today our school was the only team who sent both jv + varsity. My first match I lost pissed me off when the kid cut me shoved me down then when I tried to stand up tackled me. Next match I won with a front headlock in 28 seconds. Third match was crazy it went to overtime but the guy and me were rolling like mad men. One second he was pinning me and then I was pinning him [tall ass bastard get getting out of my pins due to his legs]. Eventually ended up winning 17-16. My next match was against a pretty well known varsity guy who was like 6’4 and covered in tattoos. He gets a single leg then hoists me up above his head and slams me down, which is great cause know I have bruised ribs. Any ways then I try to get out and he stars cross acing the shit out of me to the point where he got called for it. Next he starts freaking ripping the shit out of my legs I mean this guy was extremely violent. But I ended up getting pinned at like 1:45 of the first round. I felt pretty good about the tournament seeing as it was a varsity one and I took 7th out of 16. But back on the other stuff, though I have really long arms I have a trouble reaching through the legs and grabbing the wrist. Any ways going to bed I'm so f'ing tired,
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