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Originally Posted by Mr. Bungle

Seriously what will it take to humble you dumb ass Hughes worshipers? As for your "Canadian buttbuddy" comment....that's really amusing since most of you Hughes fans were so blinded by lust that you were creaming you Sprawl jammies about how he was going to destroy GSP even though it was obvious that GSP was the superior fighter and there was no way Hughes had a chance.

Bottom line is that Hughes' career was padded with fights against a lot of green/lesser opponents or fighters who were way past their was done because he's a dumb fcuking hillbilly American and that appeals to the UFC's largest demographic or fans which happens to be dumb fcuking hillbilly Americans. Judging by your blind worship of the guy it's obviously worked.

GSP vs Hughes 3 = GSP 1st Round Knock Out
As ignorant as his statement was, yours is even worse. Hughes has beaten some of the top welterweights, and ignorant idiots like you come in and blindly bash him because he got beat by GSP. I am by no means a hughes nuthugger but posts like this are just stupid.

About the fight,Hughes really needs to take it to the ground this time, standing up with GSP is impossible.
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