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Originally Posted by Uchaaa View Post
Can somebody summarize the interview because I hate video interviews?
He's asked where a win over BJ will put him and he responds by saying it will make him a legacy (legend), and I agree. He's asked about BJ's primetime vacation and he says he doesn't believe it, that it's a set up and he wants BJ to be in the best condition because he himself will be in the best condition. True desire for competition. When asked about BJ coming up to 170 he responds with the same sort of thing BJ said...that it's not how strong or big you are, but the skill and technique you use that makes you a better fighter.

On the steroid use he responds that he's tested all the time (which I'm sure he is) and all they have to do is come test him to see. He goes on to say he was always good at every sport and is very athletic. And those saying he uses steroids are jealous (which I agree with). About the "to the death" comment BJ made, he says the same, that it's the referee's job to stop the fight and that he goes in the octagon with the same mindset; To the death. He's asked about Las Vegas being his home-away-from-home and he responds saying that most people go to Vegas for the fights, they don't necessarily live there. So the crowd will be full of people from Hawaii, Canada, all over the US and even the world.

That's my summary Hope it helps. I have to say that GSP is a great human being and deserves to win the fight against BJ if only because he's more humble and mature. I do believe he's the better fighter, but it's true that anything can happen in a fight....
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